1000. That is how many invite cards we, as a church, have decided to give out in the next few weeks leading up to Easter. Sure, it may seem like a pretty lofty number, but hey, God has definitely helped us accomplish bigger challenges.

Your next question should be, “Wait, who is going to give out all those cards?” Well, my friend. That is where YOU come in. In order to pull this off we are going to need your help.

WAIT. Don’t click off yet.

Take a moment and think about the impact a single card could have. Imagine a friend of yours who has been struggling with a lot lately. She isn’t making enough even though she works all the time. Her husband doesn’t seem to listen and her kids are, well…crazy. She wonders if this is all there is to life. Grow up, work, sleep, eat, die. But then you (yes, YOU) slip her an invite card one day and say, “Hey, I know things have been rough for you lately, but if you and the fam aren’t doing anything on Easter Sunday, I would love for you to join me at church.”

“Sure, we’d love to,” she responds. And BOOM. Just like that you have done what you feared most…invited someone to church. And who knows? Once that friend gets to church, she might find hope. She might find community. She might find purpose. She might even find Christ. THAT is our WHY.

So, start brainstorming all the loved ones you are going to invite to church.

1.) Friends – your best friend John, your golfing buddy Steve, your doctor Anne.

2.) Family – your niece, nephew, momma, daddy, and anybody else you can round up.

3.) Coworkers – Janet from HR, Paul from IT… department doesn’t matter, just invite them!

4.) Neighbors – this is a great opportunity to reach out to your neighbors and get to know them like you have always wanted to.

5.) Random Strangers – we don’t discriminate, whether you know them personally or not, they are welcome.

April 21st. Time is tickin’. Who will you invite?