How long does it typically take you to get close to someone? What does it take for you to feel close to that person?


Read Hebrews 10:19-23

What amazing gift has allowed us to enter into the Holy Place with God? How does it feel knowing you are allowed to enter His Holy Place and approach His throne any time you want?

Do a little research, what does God’s throne room, His Holy Place, look like based on scripture? (Hint: Revelation)

Often when we pray we just go through the motions, after reading the description of God’s throne, what should be our attitude each time we pray?

Read John 13:34
How did Jesus love us?

If we are to love others as He loved us, what does that love look like?

Take a moment and pray for those we are called to love. Pray for those you know need to experience Christ’s love today. Before you pray, pause for a moment and picture in your head God’s Holy Place, His Throne Room. Picture yourself coming before His throne as you pray.

After praying, how does it change your prayer by first remembering who it is you are truly praying to?