Jesus left the joy of the Passover celebration to embrace the agony of His mission. Prayer helped Jesus to not succumb to temptation, and demonstrated to the disciples closest to Him the importance of prayer.

Read Luke 22:39-46.

1. What emotions did Jesus experience? What did He mean by “this cup”? Why do your think He wanted to avoid the cross? Was it the fear of physical suffering or something else?

2. What seems to be the relationship between temptation and prayer? What is Jesus’ temptation in this passage? How does prayer help Him to defeat it?

Reflect: What was one of your most difficult times during the past year? How

much time did you spend praying about the situation? How did God strengthen you in it?

Read Luke 22:47-53.

1. Why was there such a large, armed crowd? What did they fear?

  1. What did the disciple think Jesus would want them to do? Why? Which disciple

    actually used his sword (John 18:10)? Is Peter willing at this point to follow

    through on his statement in verse 33? What does this say about Peter?

  2. What did Jesus say to his opponents? Why was it important for him to clarify

    the fact that he was not a rebel leader? What did he mean by “this is your hour”?

Reflect: How would you compare Jesus’ attitude and actions with those of his disciples? His enemies? What do you appreciate most about Jesus here? What could you apply from this story to your life?

Read Luke 22:54-65.

  1. What is one thing you have done that you would like to erase and do differently?
  2. Was Peter willing at this point to follow through on his statement in verse 33? What did Jesus do in the garden to change the situation for Peter? What does this tell us about Peer’s beliefs about the Messiah?
  3. Knowing what happened in the garden, how would you describe Peter’s star of mind in this passage before the rooster crowed? After the rooster crowed?

Reflect: How do you feel when God doesn’t act like you expect Him? How do you express these feelings to God? What is God’s reaction to your feelings? How does this compare with His reaction to Peter?

How does this scene of the soldiers mocking Jesus make you feel? If you were writing a note to Jesus to express your thoughts and feelings about the treatment He took from these soldiers, what would you say?

Week of April 14, 2019

Luke 22:39-65

A Long Night