Building for the Next Generation

Trace Ridge Baptist Church has a long and blessed history in central Mississippi. Since 1978 the church has been proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the city and beyond. Each generation has been confronted with challenges to undergird the next generation to carry the Gospel legacy.

Now the time has come for our generation to help set the stage for the next generation of ministry. Trace Ridge is a people with great gifts and abilities. One man said, “We are limited not by our abilities but by our vision.” The vision before us is bold but very doable by the grace of God.

This project will not only set the stage for the next generation of ministry but it will enhance and expand our ministry right now. We are urgently needing lobby space and better people flow among our buildings, as well as modernization of our ministry spaces. Exterior upgrades and a new front entrance will send the message to our community that they are cared for and prepared for.

Let us seek the face of God and allow Him to reveal our part in making disciples from one generation to the next.

In Him,

Steve Street

How You Can Be a Part of the Mission

1. Pray Continually  

Commit to pray that the MEANS of this project will be provided, that the MISSION of Trace Ridge would move forward, and that our MOTIVE stays rooted in the heart of God.

2. Tithe Regularly  

Commit to follow the Biblical principle of the tithe by giving your first 10% back to Him. This allows SOCO to continue changing lives while we plan for all that is to come.

3. Give Generously

Commit to invest in the HOME of Trace Ridge by giving above your tithe as God leads you.

$46,000 Donated of $500,000 Total
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How to Give

1. Online using a credit/debit card or using your bank account. Select “Renovations Fund” from the drop down.

2. Cash or check with “Renovations Fund” designation

Project Results: New Front Entrance, New Parking, Exterior Repairs, Main Building Interior Upgrades, Kids Building Interior Upgrades