Our society and world today moves fast. Like, really fast.

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we often neglect the opportunity to simply slow down and fellowship with others. At Trace Ridge, we believe that community is one of the most essential elements of any church. Because of this, we have a system of community development that we use called Growth Groups.

Growth Groups are simply a time and space for members of our faith community to come together each week and do life together because we believe that life is better together no one should have to do life alone. Our Growth Groups don’t follow a particular curriculum. Instead, our groups discuss the weekly sermon and give it real-life application.

But many people do not have the opportunity to be a part of our worship experiences every week. In the past, this has harmed their ability to continue to participate in their groups each week. So, we are changing that.

You can now listen to any message, anywhere.

To start listening, simply go to traceridge.info and select the ‘Media’ tab at the top. It is our hope that this will now enable anyone to be a part of a group each week, no matter whether he or she could make it on a Sunday or not. After all, church is so much more than just a Sunday morning. Happy listening.