Read Psalm 13:1

  • –  Have you ever felt forgotten by God? What was the situation and

    how did it make you feel?

  • –  When you felt forgotten, did you cry out to God with a statement like this one?

    Read Psalm 13:2
    Many believers see depression as something that shouldn’t happento them if they have Christ in their life. However, here we seeDavid, a man after God’s own heart, struggling with a form ofdepression.

  • –  Knowing David’s story of sin, reconciliation, and Godly life, is it possible to have a relationship with God and still be depressed?
  • –  How can this knowledge help us to minister to brothers and sisters in Christ who are struggling with depression?
  • –  Have you ever felt like every enemy in your life had the upper hand? What does that feel like? How did you overcome it?

    Read Psalm 13:3-4

  • –  What does verse 3 tell us about what feeling forgotten or depressed

    can do to us physically?

  • –  What can we do when we are waiting for God to avoid letting the negative get to us?

    Read Psalm 13:5-6

  • –  What should be our response to the down times in our lives?
  • –  Is it easy to praise God even when we feel He has forgotten us? What makes it so difficult?
  • –  What is something in your life you may be waiting on God to answer today? What can you praise God for while you are waiting?