Jesus expects His followers to forsake all else for Him.


Name ways people identify themselves as followers of Jesus (examples: jewelry, clothing, bumper stickers, social media postings, business names, or logos).
While some people make an effort to identify themselves as Christians, others would rather follow Jesus at a distance.

  • Why might a person hesitate to identify as a follower of Jesus?

Read Luke 9:18-20

How do the answers given by the disciples compare to how people view Jesus today?
Luke used an emphatic for “you” (v. 20), indicating that Jesus expected a more accurate answer form the disciples about His identity. The word for “you” also was plural, showing that Jesus was talking to all the disciples.

  • v. 20 Why is it important for a person to thoughtfully consider the evidence about who Jesus is?

Once Jesus established that His disciples knew who He was and what He had come to do. He instructed them what to do with this awareness.

Read Luke 9:21-22

Jesus wasn’t trying to hide His true identity. He simply knew that not everyone was ready to hear and respond to the truth.

  • What do you finding these two verses about the topics “rejected,” “killed,” and “raised”?

The Jewish religious leaders defined Jesus through their own filter.

  • Whatfilters do people use today that gives them an unclear understanding of who Jesus is?

Jesus told His disciples that He would suffer, but He wanted them to realize that suffering wasn’t just reserved for the Messiah.

Read Luke 9:23-27

Locate Jesus’ three-fold plan for being a follower in verse 23.

“Take up his cross” is a lifestyle of self-sacrificing love that refuses to live with self-interest or self-preservation.

  • What does it look like for a person to deny self, take up his or her cross, and follow Jesus?

The Greek wording Luke used for “ashamed” (v. 26) is not about being embarrassed.

  • What obstacles might a person need to overcome to be unashamedly identified with Jesus?

v. 27 “truly” demonstrates Jesus was drawing special attention to what He was about to say.

  • Where have you seen the kingdom of God at work around you?
  • How has that encouraged you to embrace Jesus when you could have denied Him?


Of the three statements below, which one did you most need to be reminded of?
• All people must realize who Jesus is.
• Not all will accept Jesus as the promised Messiah.
• Believers are called upon to unashamedly follow Christ with all their being.