—> What church activities do you find most fulfilling? Why?

Read Matthew 16:13-18.
—> Where do you see evidence that Jesus is building His church today?

—> What are some of the forces of Hades/Hell that are lashing out at the church?

Regardless of the turmoil in our society, three things remain constant:
1. Our Identity. We are who we are. We are followers of Jesus Christ.
2. Our Companions. We know who we are with. We are church together.

3. Our Mission. We know what we are about. We are called to partner with God toward bringing the kingdom to earth as it is in heaven.

—> How do these three constants encourage you regarding the life of your local church?

—> In addition to encouraging you, how do these three constants challenge you regarding the life of your local church?

Read John 12:24.
—> What do you think will emerge from the temporary burial (postponing) of in-person religious gatherings like worship or growth groups?

—> In what areas could the church become stronger since it does not have full access to corporate worship or growth groups?