• Describe a time when you or someone in your group became physically separated.
  • What lessons did you learn about yourself as a result of that separation?

Read Luke 2:41-47

  • What was Jesus doing when he got separated from his parents?
  • Why might it have been important for Luke to include these details in his Gospel account?
  • How do these verses help us better see Jesus as being fully human?
  • Why is it important to emphasize Jesus’ being fully divine and fully human?
  • Why are both important to understanding who Jesus is?

Read Luke 2:48-50

  • How does this situation compare to times when we may have caused our parents or others to be anxious?
  • What would Mary have learned form this incident about Jesus?

Read Luke 2:51-52
Also read Philippians 2:5-11 connecting these verses from Philippians to the verses in Luke. This part of the story of Jesus’ trip to the temple as a child helps us better see His role as both the unique Son of God and a child who was fully human.

  • How did Jesus’ obedience to both His Father and His earthly parents highlight His divinity and humanity?


Jesus demonstrated unique understanding of and concern for the things of God even as a child.
Jesus can be trusted to answer our anxious questions.
Jesus obediently returned to His home with His parents, growing spiritually, physically, and socially.

Rate your concern for the affords of God the Father.

  • What actions do you need to take to increase your concern for the affairs of God the Father?
  • Who do you know who seems to be anxious about the identity of Jesus?
  • What truths can you share with them from this passage that might help them?

Discuss how this Growth Group affects the spiritual growth and development of children in your church and community.

  • What are some practical ways your group can increase that impact?