5×5 readings for this week: Matthew 6-10

Warm-up: Real Talk, How are you handling Quarantine Life?

Read:  Matthew 6-10

Background: The early church unanimously affirmed that the apostle Matthew authored the Gospel of Matthew. It was written in the first century, around AD 60, before the fall of the temple in Jerusalem in AD 70. The Gospel of Matthew serves as a gateway between the old and new testaments. Matthew makes the most direct connections to the Old Testament than any other gospel, giving us God’s entire plan from Genesis to Revelation, referring to the Hebrew prophecies about 60 times.


1. Matthew 6: 25-34 | What is the cure for anxiety that Matthew teaches us in verse 33? What does this look like in the face of anxiety that is brought on by the quarantine.?
2. Matthew 7: 15-20 | Matthew reminds us that we are to produce good fruit. What good fruit have you produced this past week? (Refresher on Good Fruit”: Gal 5:22-23)
3. Matthew 8: 5-11 | Why do you think that Matthew specifically tells us that Christ was “amazed” by the faith of this gentile/non-jew?
4. Matthew 9: 9-13 | In the context of party that Matthew throws so that his friends can meet this Jesus that he is now following, what do Christ’s words mean in verses 12-13?
5. Matthew 10: 26-31 | How should the love of God and the promise of His future provision for our souls shape our response to our day-to-day struggles?

Close in prayer: How can we pray for, encourage, and support each other this week? In what tangible ways can we love the members of this group this week? Our neighbors? Our family?

5×5 readings for next week: Matthew 11-15

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