Jesus has the power to forgive sin.

  • Who were your four closest friends in high school or college?
  • What are the most common ways people describe Jesus?
  • What do the common descriptions reveal about a person’s expectations of Jesus?

Read Luke 5:17-19 Hope Demonstrated

  • What does the fact that “Pharisees” and “scribes” were listening to Jesus teach reveal about Him?
  • How might the Pharisees and teachers have felt in verses 17-19?
  • Jesus offers hope to those who seek Him. In verse 19 how did the men display the power of hope?
  • How is the power of hope seen today?
    What obstacles do we place between Jesus and people who seek Him?
  • How does ourhope in Christ influence our efforts to bring people to Him?

Read Luke 5:20-24 Forgiveness Granted

  • What do you think the Pharisees and scribes were feeling in v. 20? vv. 21-23
  • How does Jesus’ true identity come in conflict with people’s preconceived ideas about Him?
  • How can a person’s perceived need open the door for God to do greater things?
  • If you were in the crowd that day, how would you have responded to the men’s act?
  • What need would you like to bring to Jesus?

Read Luke 5:25-26 Praise Offered

  • How does experiencing God’s forgiveness move people to worship Him?
  • How would you react if you saw a paralyzed person healed by the power of God?
  • What prevents us from recognizing God’s power today?
  • Who are you most like in the story? Why?