Jesus told His disciples, “You will be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8).
What does it mean to be a witness for Jesus?
In what ways can we conceal, contradict, hide or invalidate our witness for Jesus?

Read 2 Corinthians 4:1-7.

  • How did these new believers respond to their former sinful lifestyles? vv. 1-2
  • According to verses 3-4, where can someone find the clearest image of God?
  • Verses 5-7 talk about the light of God shining out of the darkness through broken

    places in our lives. Are there any broken places in your life where you have noticed God shining His light to others who are have similar broken experiences?

    They Know Me Where I Live

    In the sermon on May 24, Pastor Steve told a story from his college days when a group of students from another dorm wanted to witness on his dorm floor rather than their own because “They know me where I live.” Have you ever experienced someone whose lifestyle did not match their words—they spoke of their faith but did not appear to live it? What impact did their words have on you?

    What qualities of God do you see reflected in a believer whose lifestyle matches their words?

    A New Normal: Disruption to Innovation

    The Church at Jerusalem is contrasted with the Church in Antioch (Acts 11). Both experienced the disruption of the persecution of Christians.
    The Church at Jerusalem viewed the disruption as a mere interruption of their activities and were waiting for things to return to as they were—normal.
    The Church at Antioch viewed the disruption of persecution as an opportunity to take the gospel to people who were spiritually disconnected. The Church at Antioch viewed the disruption as an opportunity for innovation—a new normal. What innovations do you think will be a result from the COVID-19 pandemic? How could these innovations advance the gospel? Why do you think the leaders and people in the Church at Jerusalem were hesitant to consider new ways of carrying the gospel?

    Carey Nieuwhof: “Churches are behaving like malls in the age of Amazon.”