Every generation in every culture has things and people they are worried about.
• What do you hear people worrying about in our society today?

Read Psalm 95:1-2.

• Recall times when you went to worship with a sense of anticipation? What factors contributed toward your sense of expectancy?

Read Psalm 95:3-6a

God is in control when we are out of control.
• What realties does the psalmist appeal to reminding believers that God is in control?

Read Psalm 95:6b-7a

God is the Maker of Heaven and Earth and also is aware of us as individuals—even knows the number of hairs on our heads.
God is the loving Shepherd to His sheep.
• How does this make you feel? What does it say about your importance to God?

Read Psalm 7a-11

This is referring to the encounter with Moses and striking the rock in frustration recorded in Exodus 17 and Numbers 20. “Meribah” literally means “quarreling.” “Massah” literally means “testing.” This was a time of God’s people quarreling with God’s leaders and testing God Himself.

• What is the warning to God’s people today drawn from the disobedience of God’s people long ago?

Read the prose below written by Mike Mitchell.
• In what ways can you identify with Mike’s “2 cents worth”?


Just My 2 cents Worth By Mike Mitchell July 6, 2020

Note: Written while his wife was in the hospital, in quarantine for nearly two weeks—the longest period they had ever been apart.

I used to think the mountains were great.
You could go up a mountain see beautiful views that the Lord had made plus you were closer to the Lord when you were that high up.

Fast forward more years than I care to count and my opinion has changed. I think now that when we are in a valley we are closer to the Lord. Life is made up of peaks and valleys and everything in between.

In other words, you are high up (life is great) or you are down low (life is tough) or anywhere in the middle. Could even be going up or coming down. When we are in the valley, I think we may be closer to the Lord then because we feel more alone and know we need help to get back to the top. Our nature is to only talk and pray to the Lord when we are in the valley. But the Lord is there anytime, anyplace, anywhere that we want to talk to Him. That my friends is priceless.

Wherever you are today He is there for you. Don’t matter you are going through the good times, bad times, or the ugly times of your life He is there for you. Call on Him.

P.S. I still love the mountains. Just my 2 cents worth.