Invite Culture “Be My Guest”

Did you have an opportunity to invite someone to church?

5×5 Nuggets (5 NT chapters each week; 5 minutes per day)

Were there any lessons learned that you would like to share with the group? Week of August 18: 1 Corinthians 16; 2 Corinthians 1-4
Week of August 25: 2 Corinthians 5-9
Week of September 1: 2 Corinthians 10-13; 1 Timothy 1


If you were going to describe your life in terms of a kitchen utensil, what utensil would you choose? Why?

Read 2 Corinthians 4:1-18


  1. In verse 4, who is the god of this age? How has he blinded people to the message of the gospel?
  2. What is the “light” of v 6? How does it relate to the “veil” of v 3?
  3. What is the treasure to which Paul refers in verse 7? The jar of clay?

    How does this analogy demonstrate the power of the New Covenant? How does it help explain the relationship between the Christian and God? How does it help explain 3:5?

  4. What kind of life is described in verses 8-9? Are life experiences any different for the Christian than for the non-Christian? Why or why not? Are the results of these experiences any different for the Christian than for the non-Christian? Why or why not?
  5. What does it mean that we carry the death of Jesus around in our bodies? How is this death related to our life in Jesus? What does this tell you about the nature of salvation? The nature of the Christian life?


  1. How was your mind veiled to the gospel before you became a believer? What changed that for you? How has your mind been partially veiled since? What factors cause that?
  2. How have you been hard pressed? How have you survived?
  3. What difference does “what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen

    is eternal’ make in your life?

  4. How does this chapter make you feel about hard times? How will you

    act differently because of this chapter?

2 Corinthians 4 is an inspiration to the meaning of our sufferings as well as our mundane experiences.