All experiences will be moved online temporarily. See a statement below from our Operations Director.

As a member of the Trace Ridge family, I want to take a moment to let you know that the staff and lay leadership of Trace Ridge is following closely, events as they rapidly unfold regarding the Corona Virus. We are making every effort to evaluate the impact of all guidelines and mandates from the CDC and Federal, State and Local Governments.  Keeping the health and welfare of our staff and our congregants in sharp focus, we are making decisions about gatherings at Trace Ridge.

We’ve faced these times before.  In our history we’ve faced plagues, wars, terrorism, nuclear threats and contamination.  When faced with these threats and unknowns, Christians have always relied on our family of faith for strength and solace.  We’ve taken refuge with those whose beliefs, like ours, rely on the wisdom and guidance of God and the comfort of his Word. We come together corporately to Worship, pray and study so we can let the strength we gain carry us individually through those times when we are isolated or alone.  Now we have added the unprecedented situation where group gatherings must be interrupted in order to gain control over the spread of the virus.

But the good news is that we are not separated from God and it is our belief that we can provide Worship opportunities that will allow us to gather virtually through technology to provide the interaction we need to support us through this time.  We will keep you posted as decisions are made so please keep an eye out for emails, texts and other forms of communication to make you aware of ways you can connect with your Church Family over the next few weeks.

Until we make more decisions regarding these Worship opportunities, here is what you can do:

  • Pray – we need constant and vigilant prayer for everyone
  • Do your 5X5 Reading – We can still use God’s Word to give us strength in troubled times
  • Call at least 2 members of your Church family every day – Just as you try to stay connected to your family members, check on members of your small group or those members who might be more isolated at home or in nursing homes – pray together or read scripture over the phone
  • Keep abreast of the situation, but remember who is ultimately in control and don’t let the flood of information overwhelm you
  • Let a member of the staff or our committee of Deacon’s know if you have specific needs that are not being addressed
  • If you are not at risk with a pre-existing health condition, find a way to volunteer for an hour to two every few days. We are making every effort to keep the Resource Center stocked and open.  Even if you are not mobile, you can volunteer to make phone calls, or send cards.

Pat Krakos

Operations Director