“You don’t have to go to church anymore. If you want to have a relationship with God you can.” —

This was the reality offered to Claire at a young age by her parents. She was given full freedom to follow God or to leave the faith altogether. Since she was young, Claire quickly chose to leave her church and make her own path in life, one away from God.

However, after being away from her church home for several years and enduring painful hardships, Claire knew she was missing something in her life. Following the death of her mother, she decided to return to the church she once called home.

Expecting to simply reconnect with family and friends once she returned to Trace Ridge, what she found when she returned was actually quite more than she expected. What she found was hope and a renewed sense of God’s faithfulness in her life.

Claire and her husband, Xavion soon got plugged into a Growth Group and made some of the closest, most impactful relationships of their lives. These new relationships would soon become vital as Claire had to face the reality of her mother’s death along with the anticipation of a new baby on the way. But, with the care and support of her Growth Group and church family, Claire is now more committed than ever to living with complete trust in God—no matter the situation.

You can watch Claire’s full story here.

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